Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What's It Take To Be A Divapreneur?

1) Divapreneurs are women
In a world (previously) dominated by male-owned & operated businesses, this is an obvious-yet-important distinction to make. Divapreneurs are women who have decided to step outside the boundaries that tradition dictates, and start their own company. Simple as that. They are not bra-burners, man-haters, or any other such titles. Divapreneurs have a healthy appreciation for the individual knowledge & expertise that both sexes can bring to their company, and know how to use this knowledge wisely.

2) Divapreneurs are young, or young-at-heart
What this means: unconventional. Divapreneurs strive to maintain hip, modern, forward-thinking businesses to set themselves apart from the standard companies of yore. They are web-based and connected, on top of the latest technologies & advances for their field, keep an ear on the street for upcoming trends, and most likely own at least one pair of kick-ass high-heeled boots.

3) Divapreneurs are persistent
These ladies know that a million-dollar idea doesn't (usually) make money overnight. Though they often start off small, the idea is always there to grow their business into something successful & fulfilling, by whichever standards the Divapreneur uses to judge this. How this gets done is through sheet grit, drive, and determination to succeed. There are late nights, early mornings, lots of coffee, and occasionally a few good "get-it-all-out" crys, but the job gets done, and done well.

4) Divapreneurs are talented
Divapreneurs aren't simply opening their business for "something to do" -- they have talent & creativity that demands it be done. Sometimes this gift is tangible, such as an ability to design fabulous clothes; sometimes it's more ethereal and hard to pin-point, such as a "way" with people. In all circumstances, it is real and visible to others, and a necessary part of society in some small way.

5) Divapreneurs are you
If you are reading this little blog, and this little post, then no matter where you are in life, you are a Divapreneur. You would not have read this far without wanting to verify to yourself that you are. It does not matter if you do or do not own your own business right now. The important thing is that you would like to. And thats the very first step!


Anonymous said...

So glad l came across your website! Keep up the great posts and congrats on your new biz.

Lacey said...

I feel that I have always had a great business sense and I just LOVE the term divapreneur...awesome!

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